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6 Months

The Strings Factory offers highly qualified lessons to children, young people, and adults on stringed instruments. The goal is to help people find their own musicality and unique sound and style that fits musicality. We are proud to have helped them achieve their musical goals with an intuitive website!


Our objective was to create a funnel that would make a smooth journey for our users, from analyzing and learning the string instruments. Our users will be able to compare all, from music teachers to music phases, and select what’s best for them.

To achieve this objective, we used the A/B testing method. This method allows us to see which version of our product is more effective in converting users into customers or students into learners.


We were tasked with creating a website. The client knew what they wanted, but they weren’t sure how to get it done. They had been working on their own website for a few months and didn’t know where to begin. They asked us to come up with an idea, and then we helped them put it into action.

We quickly learned that they were looking for something that would fit their brand and help them grow, but also be user-friendly and easy to navigate.

Our Solutions

We listened to their needs, then came up with three solutions that met all those requirements: one with a new design, one with an existing design, and one that combined the two. We gave them options so they could make the best decision based on their goals. We decided to use WordPress as our CMS platform and Adobe XD for design which would allow us to easily create content pages, images, videos, and more on the fly. The site would also be hosted on AWS CloudFront CDN servers so it could load quickly over any device or connection type. We leveraged our experience in developing WordPress themes (both custom and off-the-shelf) in order to create an elegant design for this new website.


In the first phase, we worked with this team to understand their phases and the 4 types of strings they wanted to showcase on their website. Based on our experience with strings and the audience’s preference for certain types, we helped them create different groups for each phase.
This research was followed by more strategic research. We used persona creation, customer journeys, iterating, and testing to create a better understanding of who they are as a company and what their customers want from them.

Visual Output

We were able to deliver a new website within 15 days of the time that met all of our client’s needs- a sleek site that was easy for visitors to navigate and use every day! The site looks nothing like cookie-cutter, it reflects who they are and what they stand for. They also asked if we can develop a Shopify-based E-Commerce website in the coming phase.


Through the website, we have connected the brand and the audience with a clear design that showcases the benefits. Our goal is to create long-term relationships with our customers so we take the time to understand their needs and deliver the most effective results. You can count on us to exceed your expectations and provide you with the best results possible!

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