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MySmartshala is a mobile app designed for college/university students to handle their academic projects

77% Improvement in production planning efficiency
100% Paperless solutions for handling meetings
3X Output through optimal resources scheduling


MySmartshala is a mobile platform designed for college/university students to handle their academic projects throughout their
graduation period in a completely paperlessly.

MySmartshala also help students take courses online right within the app, track college buses,
have conversation with faculties to resolve the difficulties and much more.


  • To generate and sketch different user flows for both students’ side and teachers’ side.
  • Generate interest for students to register into the application.
  • Deliver fresh and rich intuitive UI which engages more traffic to use
  • To Architecture different personas and user flows for better UX


Our Process

Brain Strome

We gather as much information as
possible by means of research, interviews
& researches from industries and

Wire Frames

Based on the information gathered in the
previous step, we brainstorm possible, yet
creative ideas for the solutions.

Proto type

Once done with the brainstorming ideas,
we create the wireframes with the idea
for further testing.


Once done with the wireframes, we
prototype them and test the ideas to
ensure the solutions work flawlessly to
complete a task.

Testing &
Ui Design

Once we are sure about the prototypes,
we then create high-fidility designs and
test them with the real users.


1. Design UX for both Android & Web App.

2. Simple, Elegant and User-friendly UI for teenagers.

3. Designed various sections to ease the user flow.

4. Build marketplace for both colleges and students for sharing opportunities.

5. Architectured all user flows and designed interactive UI to make users more attached to application.


Web App Development


Meeting Application

Mobile App Development



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